Cover The Table

What Is It?

Cover the Table Roulette Strategy has a positive ring to its name. Though covering the roulette table with a wide range of bets can be considered a wonderful notion, the even bigger range of outcomes offered by the wheel makes it impossible to guarantee a win. A simple example of this is when a player bets on red, black, and 0 at once which means he/she will win and lose on every spin. If you are serious about covering the table, you can use the below strategies and cross your fingers! The table can be covered with a number of strategies, most of which we will discuss in this article. Some strategies are not supported by the experts such as covering all the 35 numbers. You can read through these methods and come to your own conclusion. Try practice games before you jump in with real money.

cover the table

The Strategy

You can bet on 35 numbers though it is considered by most players as a risky game. The way to do this is to put one dollar on each of the 35 numbers where you will no doubt make a win. However, with $1 win, you are facing $35 in losses. To make this work, you need to have a minimum of 36 wins for every loss which does not look very plausible.

Placing bets on the splits will let you place bets on 34 numbers with just 17 bets. For those who are not aware, a split is placing a bet on 2 numbers placed next to each other. In this case, you get to cover the table with just $17 though the profit is $1. A street is one where contains three numbers. Betting on all the 11 available streets will let you cover 33 numbers. Double Street is when two streets are combines to create half a dozen. You can also bet on 5 double streets in an attempt to cover 30 numbers.

Another method is to bet $3 on a 1-18 even chance bet and place the remaining $2 on the third dozen. Doing this, you cover 30 numbers and you will win $1 even either is hit. You can also do this the other way round by betting on the first dozen and then the 19-36 even chance bet. Both variations cover 30 numbers.

Another way to cover the table is to make use of the 4 splits and 2 columns strategy. In this, one must place $5 on any of the 2 columns and add 41 on 4 splits which are located in columns that have not be wagered on. Every time the split bet is hit, you get $4 and every time a column is hit, you get $1.


As always, most of the strategies pose a risk. Covering as much as possible of the possible outcomes of the table seems a pretty good system to win a little. If you are, however, looking to win big other roulette strategies might be a better option for you.


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cover the table