D’Alembert Roulette System

What Is It?

The D’Alembert is known as one of the safest methods. It got its name from Rond d’Alembert, a famous French mathematician. This is an even chance betting method where the player increases the bet by one after every loss and decreases the bet by one after every win. The logic behind this is that when you have as many losses as wins, you will be in profit by the number of bets so far placed. Since the bet is increased at a smaller rate when compared to other methods, it’s relatively a safer method. This method is not very suitable for columns or dozens.


The Strategy

No roulette strategy can be totally fool-proof though this one is as near as it comes. One does not need much capital and chances are that you will not face huge losses. Though it is highly safe, it comes with the disadvantage of having a low winning rate. Since the game relies on winning as many wagers as losing, it does not seem very realistic over long-term play.

Start out with the lowest bet possible. Select the bet. It could be black, red, odd, or even etc. For example, if you are starting out with one, and you face a loss, increase it to two. With 2, if you manage a win, decrease by one, making it back to one.

You could also set a limit for yourself to make sure your wagers don’t spin out of control. You could keep a limit of say 5, over which you can decide not to wager. It is not very rare or unusual to get several losing bets in a sequence. With the steady increase in the bets as you lose, it is highly likely that you will be betting quite a large amount once you are down with 7 or 8 losses in a row. What can save is to get lucky and get an equally long or even longer winning streak. Sometimes, you might have the money to gamble but you might have reached the table limit.


The D’Alembert System is a great system for those who want to have a good time and play but cannot afford to or don’t want to make big bets that are sometimes required in other systems, such as the Martingale system. This system can help you win in the short term, helping you get a profit even when you are losing more rounds than winning. Getting the perfect sequence is what that matters here. However, since any sequence is possible, there are also places where you might have to resign to never seeing your money back again.

Though this strategy works quite well for short term, it is not really a great one for the long term as you are liable to lose more than win. Since the losses can mount up dramatically, it is quite important that you set yourself a stop limit. Check out the strategy and have fun winning!

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