FOBT System

What Is It?

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, otherwise known as FOBT, is a popular roulette strategy in the UK. Every high-street bookmaker is allowed to have four machines in their shops. Has the law allowed it, it looks like most would have had more. Thanks to the popularity of these machines, there are many people who want to know if there are any strategies that are applicable to an FOBT.

Playing roulette on a Fixed Odds Betting Terminal is not really very different from other versions regarding the payouts, the rules, and the odds. Hence, there are no specific strategies that can be applied to an FOBT for better odds.

There are many people out there who believe that the FOBT machines work in a similar manner to the fruit machines that are seen commonly in pubs, restaurants, and bars. Many fruit machines have higher chances of dropping a jackpot when a certain sum is put in, increasing the odds of the player if they start playing at the proper time. To make it very clear, the FOBT does not work like this. It remains a 2.7% house advantage all the time and does not depend on the amount you have put or the period of time you have played.



The jackpots are usually small. Unfortunately, the extra slots on the wheel decrease the odds. Since each wager contributes a little something to the jackpot, playing a low-risk game would just not be a profitable play. You will find that the best you can do is to follow the strategy and keep your fingers crosses. Playing online is far better than choosing to play on the FOBT.

These FOBT machines make use of a random number generator to determine the winning number. Each number has a one in 37 chance of getting hit. Thanks to the math, we know that if we are targeting a specific number, it will eventually come. It could be possible that it does not hit even once in 100 spins while on the other hand, it could as many as two to three times every ten spins. You can enforce the Force The Zero system here.

If you wager on Red and Black on every spin, you will never be at a loss, except for the time when the table hits a 0. When you keep betting Red and Black constantly, the computer will register the winning color every spin (though you might not be actually making any profit because you would be betting on both Red and Black). It looks like the system tries to hit green 0 to combat the multiple wins on the colors. This appears to be tried and tested methods by many.


You can choose to figure out to play out this strategy on the internet roulette machines. They usually provide good results. Do not chase your losses as you can sink in deeper. Try to practice in online casinos where you can play with virtual currency before you start playing for real.

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