Reverse D’Alembert

What Is It?

Most roulette systems seem to have the reverse option. This is the reverse of the D’Alembert Roulette Strategy. In the D’Alembert system, you bet of even chance bets and increase bets by one after every loss and decrease by one on every win. In the reverse D’Alembert system, the rules dictate that one should increase the bets by one after every win and decrease by one after every loss.

reverse d'alembert

The Strategy

If you win as many rounds as you lose, you will profit at the end. This system gets you win only when you are on a winning roll. Winning with favorable results using the reverse D’Alembert methods over long-term does seem slim. One thing to keep in minds is that you will be in net profit only if you make sure that you have more wins than losses.

The best way to avoid huge losses is to decide a limit for yourself. For example, you could decide to walk away when you have five more wins than losses. Most people are unable to leave their winning streak and in their attempt for “just one more win”, everything collapses.

The rules are simple to understand and follow. The betting sequence is easy enough to memorize and it works out to be a great system for newbies. The disadvantage is that the betting system has no effect on the odds of the game. However, this is true for all betting systems.

The betting sequence is as follows:


It is so simple that a child could remember it! Let us assume that we start with $10 and select the black, for example. If you hit a win, your next bet should be $20 on black. If you win again, bet $30. But instead of black, let’s try red. Imagine you win and now bet $40 and suffer a loss. So, to minimize and control your loss, you can now decrease your bet by one unit. So, on the next bet, you can wager $30.


As with other betting systems, this system also does not guarantee profits. What it does help you with is to get big wins and keep the losses small as long as you play responsibly and walk away when the time is right. Those having a tight budget can use this system as it does not require large amounts to be wagered.

The odds of the games will not change. You can make a remarkable profit only when you are lucky enough to hit a long enough winning streak, the chances of which are frankly quite slim. If you are planning to choose between the D’Alembert strategy and the Reverse D’Alembert, the latter would be more advisable as the former can let you run into a huge loss when you hit a long losing streak. The same situation on the reverse version would not hit you so badly. It is one of the best ways to handle potential losses in a reasonable manner.

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