Roulette 64 Percent Strategy

What Is It?

The name of this strategy is quite gripping. The Roulette 64 Percent roulette strategy is used on the European version of the roulette game. The concept is simple enough. There are three dozens on the roulette wheel. You will be betting on two of them. This means that on every spin, your chance of hitting a win is 64%. Hence, the name.

The Strategy

If you wager $5 on the first dozen and another $5 on the second dozen, then the number from 1 to 24 are covered. Only if a 0 or any number from 25 to 36 is hit, you lose. You will be paid 2:1 so you will win $10 with a loss of $5, winning you a net profit of $5. However, if you lose both, you will be losing the full $10.

You can apply this strategy in combination with a mini-martingale system where you bet on two dozens and double it up when you lose. Do not go further than 3 to 4 in a row, otherwise, you will be risking a lot. At the start of the game, wager one chip on any of the two dozens. If you lose, increase the bet on the same dozen in the progression mentioned below:

1, 3, 9, 27

Let us take an example to make this clear. Let us start with betting one chip each on two dozens. Let us assume you hit 32. You have incurred a loss of 2 chips.

On the next spin, wager three chips. You hit 6, which is present in the first dozen, winning you 9 chips. Here, you have a net profit of 1 chip as you wagered 6 chips along with a 2 chip loss in the previous round.

Next, bet 1 chip on the second and the third dozen. Assuming you hit 4, you lose 2 chips.

Increase your bet to 3 chips on the second and the third dozen. You get 3 and you lose the 6 chips that you wagered along with the 2 you already lost on the previous spin.

Another wager is 9 chips on the second and the third dozen. If you get 29, you make a winning of 27 chips. The total profit here after you bet and the previous losses would be 1 chip.

If you hit the same dozen four times continuously, you are liable to lose 80 chips. Though the scenario is not very common, anything can happen in the world of roulette.


This system is quite profitable but one should know when to accept their losses or winnings and walk away. Even one wrong spin and everything can go haywire.

This is just another Covering the Table method. Just as you try to cover the table with columns, dozens, and Red and White, 64% strategy is another system which works to give you a decent profit. Since it is based on just two dozens, it is far easier to understand and implement than other strategies.

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